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Multisensory Storytelling

Interactive Storytelling for Audiences with Complex Additional Needs

Interactive and participatory storytelling performances with 360 degree inclusion at their heart. Fun storytelling events designed for all the family, schools, respite care centres and inclusive after school groups whether in a theatre, educational setting or at an event day. Combining music, puppetry, play and object theatre together within mischievous magical tales or as part of an ensemble these events can be experienced through a mixture of the senses and story/ narrative or predominantly sensorily depending on the needs of the audience members. These storytelling events adapt and grow with the audience as they step into the multisensory storytelling experiences as the tale unfolds around them.  Audiences and participants are encouraged to move around, participate, can come and go and all performances are supported by makaton or other visual aids if needed.

Ariane has worked widely with people of all ages with complex additional needs and is a qualified dramatherapist. She runs an inclusive arts organisation, Different Planet Arts, that devises and delivers multisensory participatory and immersive theatre installations for people with complex disabilities, their friends, and family members. Different Planet Arts is a leader in the field of SEN facilitation and inclusive arts provision. 


Fees and logistics will vary according to the unique nature of each event please contact Ariane for more details.


Ariane has full public liability insurance, is DBS checked and can carry out health and safety assessments for each event and project. 

Tel: 07711 717634

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