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Traditional Storytelling

Fables, Folk tales, Riddles, Myths and Legends for Everyone......

Traditional storytelling breaths new life and understanding into contemporary situations and the puzzles and beauty that life holds for us all in today's world. Through these ancient wisdoms we can deepen the sense of community within ourselves, with each other, and the world that we live in. Traditional tales can celebrate and give expression to life's experiences and the inner world of creativity and the imagination. Ancient tales have the ability to weave together the past and present while giving us insights that enable us to move towards the future.

Ariane draws together ancient stories and tales from around the world that come alive as she leads you through worlds, and into the Dreamtime of the creatures and characters that inhabit them. Whether listening to the ancient tales of Sumeria, The Welsh cycle of the Mabinogion, the Finnish Kalevala or African Trickster Tales we can respectfully celebrate our differences while finding our common humanity at the heart of each story. 


Performances can be aimed at all ages whether young or old are held in all sorts of places at all sorts of events. These include theatres, arts centres, museums, festivals, historic sites, schools or in wild places.

Please feel free to contact Ariane or see for more information on storytelling with children and adults and with mixed audiences.

Ariane also specialises in multisensory storytelling for people with complex additional needs.


She also tells stories from her traditional Sioux Teepee which she can take to event days, festivals, museums and schools.

Storytelling for Children and Families

Exciting storytelling shows and events for children and families at museums, theatres, festivals, heritage sites, wild places and event days.

Storytelling for Schools

Storytelling programmes and performances in schools and colleges around curriculum topics, literacy and creative learning for all age groups. As well as a telling in mainstream school settings, Ariane specialises in SEN Storytelling.

Storytelling for Adults

Stories for grown ups that will entertain you and leave you wanting more.....

Ariane has full public liability insurance, is DBS checked and can carry out health and safety assessments for each event and project. 

Tel: 07711 717634

Photo: Rosie Wooldridge

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